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We Create Original Content

Smith Media Solutions creates original video, graphics, voice overs and music that you own the copyrights to.

​Many production companies use stock video and music purchased from third party "stock sites" when creating content. If the production company stops paying the subscription fees to the stock site, your video, podcast, and social media posts can be blocked and your organization will be infringing on copyright. Owning the copyrights protects your organization. 

We Manage Media And Communications

Once content is created, it needs to be distributed. This can be as simple a social media post or as complex as a story being picked up through multiple major news outlets. Smith Media Solutions can help your organization prepare for media interviews, presentations and help you frame the narrative as your story gets traction. For more than a decade, Smith Media Solutions has been working with organizations to help them build positive relationships with stakeholders.

Negative publicity puts organizations at severe risk. Our crisis management strategies have helped corporations and government organizations earn back public trust, avoid closures, major fines and in the case of government, council dissolution. 

When you build relationships with your audience before negative publicity happens, your organization is positioned during times of crisis to frame the narrative, engage with stakeholders, and help the public be open to hear and remember your message. 

What People Say

Ron Cust
CAO Ryley, Alberta

Paul’s communications work combined with media content has helped the Village of Ryley Council and Administration come through a major communications crisis and helped the Village rebuild its morale and sense of community for residents.


We are pleased that he is now training staff his efficient methodology and highly recommend using his crisis management strategies.

Susan Berry,
Roseridge Waste Management Manager

The film making capabilities of Smith Media Solutions has transformed our brand by capturing the care and attention that goes into our landfill operation.

Paul was professional and respectful as he patiently captured the essence of our operation in high quality video that we are proud to post and share.

Doug Kinsella
CEO Impulse Downhole Tools

Paul Smith invested the time to understand the message our managment group wanted sent to the industry. He then created vibrant media content to ensure our message was understood by the viewer.


Paul’s enthusiasm while shooting video was infectious as he interacted with all levels of our staff. The final content from our project exceeded our expectations.

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