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Your Audience Expects Multiple
Social Media Posts Per Month.

Content News Cycle

Smith Media Solutions creates a news cycle of media content that can last one to two months. Typically this content is derived from one 4-5 minute YouTube video. The video is cut into three to five short videos, photos, and quotes that yield up to 70 social media posts.

Smith Media Solutions solves your need for quantity with a level of quality that accurately reflects your organization.

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The Three Components

Of Content Creation


Your Audience Expects You To Know Them

Key Stakeholders Report

You will receive a report that identifies your key stakeholders, where they interact, and what they need. Clearly understanding their needs before we film is the fastest path to building a true relationship with your audience. 

The most common mistake is to make content that excites the organization but does not meet the needs of the audience.


Your Audience Expects Clear Communication

Value Proposition Statement

In consultation with your team, you will get a value proposition statement that aligns with your organization’s mission, vision, and values. 

A concise value proposition statement helps build authentic relationships between viewers and your organization. The messaging will ensure that your viewers know they are consuming content made for them. 

Your staff will receive training to meet your organization’s capacity gaps. Each organization’s capacity is different. Smith Media Solutions provides training in areas like analytics, website development, digital marketing, content schedules, and communication best practices. Most organizations have some of these skill sets but not all.

Staff Training


You Need To Be In Control

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